Ten ways to lose five pounds!

The principle is very simple! You need to change only a few principles in diet and lifestyle. Want to lose weight? Do not worry, you do not have to starve yourself or do strenuous exercise. Oddly enough, but the best way to lose weight - is to make small adjustments to your diet and lifestyle. Here are ten simple ways that will help you lose those extra calories forever!

1. Do not skip meals. Skip one meal a day seems a sensible way to get rid of a few kilograms. For example, ceasing to have breakfast ( the usual breakfast - 500 calories), you seven days cut 3500 calories, which is equivalent to burning about 500 grams. But the disadvantage of this approach is that you missed, as a rule, to make up for lunch. Those who eat breakfast, eat foods with lower fat and higher carbohydrate content than those who skip breakfast. And breakfast will help reduce the desire to eat high-calorie fatty foods and also helps to speed up metabolism.

2. Twice a week become a vegetarian. A vegetarian diet is low in fat helps reduce waist. To lose weight, no need to constantly sit on a vegetarian diet. To start twice a week instead of meat with pasta eat vegetables: eggplant, mushrooms or peppers. Or try the beans with rice instead of sausages and beans. This will save you 550 calories a week, or even more - about five pounds in 16 months.

3. Follow the rule of " one to one " . Some in unlimited quantities absorb fat foods and foods with low-fat content. For many labels, report low-fat content, perceived as permission to eat in unlimited quantities. Follow the rule of " one to one " . That is, replacing the chocolate cake on a low-calorie, eat the same portion, not great. If you every day instead of four low-fat muffins will eat two, you can lose five pounds in ten or 12 months.

4. Do not deprive yourself of too many calories. To weigh less, you have to eat less, but do not overdo it, reducing the number of calories consumed. Otherwise, the body will feel the impending famine, slow metabolism and start saving energy, functioning on fewer calories. Keep a food diary. Keep a record of how much you ate. Then prune 50-100 kcal each day. Eventually, you will come to the level of calories, which will contribute to the slow, stable weight loss, and will be able to throw five kilograms in 12 months.

5. Avoid snacking. Monday. You have already had breakfast. Well, what can be set two small donut eaten at work? On Tuesday, you grabbed a few cookies before dinner. And so all week. You may not have thought about it, but an extra 100 calories a day can turn to you five extra kilos in god. Esli you can not refuse to snack, replace the low-calorie -dense foods. Alternative may be carrots (four calories each) , celery ( six kcal beam) or popcorn (30 calories a cup). If you eat in a day is less than 75 calories , you can easily lose five pounds in 16 months.

6. Big Dance. Dancing - a lovely way to burn extra calories. Dance for two hours on the weekend (it burns 200 calories per hour), and you will drop five pounds in 21 months. And if you dance the lambada or the twist, you will lose weight in just 11 and a half months.

7. Add seasoning food. Use mustard instead of mayonnaise to meat and vegetable oil in salads. These small changes may significantly contribute to weight loss. Go with mayonnaise on your daily sandwiches on mustard removes 85 calories from the diet, that is, you will lose five pounds in 14 months.

8. Eat slowly. Average " boa " swallows food in 12 minutes. This leads to overeating. The stomach requires twenty minutes to send a signal to the brain about the saturation of the organism. Pushing a dinner for ten minutes, you do not give your body time to realize that he is no longer golden. Abhinaya slower, you can eat two slices of pizza instead of four or small burgers with fries instead stogrammovye burger with a large portion of potatoes. You can easily exclude from 300 to 500 calories daily and lose from 200 to 450 grams per week - five kilograms in three to five months.

9. Follow the size of their portions. Periodically read the label and use the measured glass and kitchen scales to keep a record of how much you eat . After analyzing the recording, you can easily estimate the size of the portions. How many pounds you lose?

10. Avoid night meals. The main obstacle to losing weight - it's food after dinner. If you can not get away from thinking about food, low-calorie intercept anything, for example, fresh fruit. Eliminating from the diet bag of crisps or a candy bar, you can save yourself from extra 600 calories a week. In six weeks you will lose a pound; fifteen months - five kilograms.
Taken separately, each of these ten ways to help you lose weight. Results will appear slowly, but they will depend on changes in habits that will facilitate your life. The real secret to successful weight loss - to change the habits that originally led you to be overweight.

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