List of products that better eliminate your diet

There 11 kinds of products that better eliminate your diet and should reduce their use to a minimum :

1. Sugar.

2 . Potatoes will benefit the body , but only the young and only boiled or baked .

3 . Products containing flour.

4 . White polished rice contains a lot of starch , which is not the best way affects the figure. Completely abandon the rice is not necessary, you can simply restrict their consumption to 1-2 servings per week .

5 . Quick-cooking cereals , muesli . Quick breakfasts contain "empty" carbohydrates, which briefly create satiety .

6. Nourishing meat and chicken broths contain a lot of cholesterol.

7. Fatty meat , bacon , sausages , carbonates - products that are not only hinder the slim , but also undermine the state as a whole .

8. Sprats , smoked fish , canned in oil. These products are saturated with fats that inhibit the process of weight loss .

9. Butter - a product containing a huge amount of calories and fat. However , to completely abandon his doctors do not recommend : butter incorporates vitamins A , D, E, PP , as well as B vitamins, fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein , calcium, potassium , iron, magnesium , manganese, copper , sodium, phosphorus and zinc. Without these nutrients we do not achieve healthy skin, hair and nails.

10 . Mayonnaise , including marked "Light" .

11. Seeds, chips, crackers , peanuts and any " fast food ."