8 low-fat varieties of cheese

1. Tofu . Percentage of fat from 1.5 to 4 . Prepared based on soy milk. Refer it to the curd cheese , as in color and structure resembles a regular cheese. Tofu is rich in protein and calcium, which makes this cheese variety number 1 for the elderly.

2 . Beaded curd . Percentage of fat - 5-9 . Prepared by adding a little curd grain prisolennyh cream. This sort of low-fat cheese are allowed to eat even the strictest diets.

3 . Gaudette . Fat content - 7%. This is also a great variety in calcium. The palate is soft , spicy . An excellent choice for lovers of varieties of Gouda .

4 . Chechil . The fat content of 5-10%. Reminds suluguni . Sold in the form of filaments twisted into strands , often prikopchenny .

5 . Viola Polar, Gryunlander , Fitness . Percentage of fat - 5-10% . An excellent choice for those who are trying to lose a few extra pounds. The only negative - these varieties of cheeses are hard to find on sale.

6. Ricotta . Percentage of fat - 13. Ricotta is made from whey left over from making cheese other varieties. Ricotta is the smallest percentage of sodium , compared with cheeses other varieties. Also due to the presence of ricotta cheese sulfur-containing amino acids - methionine - this sort of beneficial effects on the liver.

7. Easy cheese, feta . Fat content - 5-15%. Regular cheese, unpopular in many countries , made ​​from sheep's milk . Easy - goat . Therefore, the percentage of fat in light cheese less than half that of a normal .

8. Arla, Oltermani . Percentage of fat - 16-17 . Cheese, these varieties have natural milk flavor and dense structure . It is suitable for people , counts the number of eating fat.