Morning jogging for weight loss

Morning jogging is often recommended as a means for weight loss and overall health. Running, you can burn calories, "shake" your body, to develop stamina.
The benefits of jogging long debate and discussion. In fact, after sleep the body needs some time to get down to work properly, and running load may be excessive for the not yet "woken up" the body.
To morning run was really useful and enjoyable, it is necessary to observe a number of rules and conditions. First, do not seek to get out for a run immediately after waking up. During the time while you wash and dress the body finally "wake up" and ready to load.
Going for a run, you should think about his sports gear. Need to dress comfortably for the weather. If the outside temperature does not exceed 10 ° C with a plus sign, then necessarily need knitted cap that covers the ears. Shoes must also comply with the weather - winter jogging better shod winterized sneakers.
Need to start jogging with a small workout. To warm up, you can walk intensive step, jump, do light stretching, a few squats. Thus you warms the muscles, preparing them for further load.
Actually running to start with the minimum pace and within two or three minutes to bring his pace to the optimum. The intensity of races should choose according to your opportunities and challenges that you set for yourself. If your goal - weight loss, you can use the "ragged" pace, ie alternation of acceleration and quiet pace (jog). Each acceleration lasts about 1-2 minutes. To strengthen their immunity and maintain good health, choose jogging at a pace at which you have minimal shortness of breath.
Need to run properly. Feet should be slightly bent at the knees, body weight is distributed on the whole foot, landing from heel to toe. Body tilt is not necessary, and the arms should be bent at an angle of about 120 ° C and does not intersect in front of chest. No need to strain your neck, shoulders, arms or jaws compress.
Extremely important for a morning jog (and not only) the correct breathing technique. Inhale air should nose, and exhale - mouth. With this breath is a uniform light saturation oxygen. You need to try to do a full inhale and exhale, breathe evenly, not too often. When breathing is "unbearable", it is time to complete a run - extra torture to anything.
Completing morning jog should gradually. With running, go to step aligning breath. In any case it is impossible to stop or dramatically, especially fall on the grass. For hitches can perform several simple, relaxation exercises.
Duration and "mileage" jogging you need to choose based on your athletic training. Untrained person can not immediately start classes with large long-distance races. In addition, muscle pain and a feeling of "exhaustion" does not add enthusiasm to run regularly. Therefore, you should start with a minimum duration, even if it is just 5 minutes. Gradually increase the duration of jogging for 3-5 minutes each day.
Take a shower after jogging is not only an aesthetic but also from a physiological standpoint. Running, you sweat and together with then leave the body toxins. If this does not wash away the sweat, all these harmful substances reabsorbed into the skin.
Before embarking on a morning jog, make sure that you do not have health problems, where such exercises are contraindicated. Be sure to consult with your doctor whether you jog, if you suffer from disorders of the cardiovascular system, have problems with joints or spine, serious eye problems. It should also suspend the training, if you get cold.
Running - wonderful sport and if you follow all the necessary safety measures, then jogging will bring you only benefit and joy!