Modern methods of weight loss.

Everyone who is trying to lose weight and are interested in information on this issue , inevitably faced with a huge stream of advertising, the most promising miracles . In this flow is very difficult to understand even for an expert , and people with no medical education , it is guaranteed to drown. Before going on to describe the most frequently used methods of burning excess fat , call criteria , which they must comply . 
1. Efficiency - the weight loss must be significant , resulting in closer to normal. 
2 . Stability - should be a long-term long-term outcome , recorded a special investigation of the dynamics of mass and body composition and the nature of compliance techniques specific weight loss method . 
3 . Security - slimming should not cause harm to health. 
4 . Availability - It is desirable that the method used in the home , everyday conditions and did not require significant material costs , did not turn off the patient from the normal rhythm of life. 
5 . Acceptability - the weight correction technique should be effective in a significant number of patients do not pose a problem to the changing nature of eating behavior and physical activity. 
Methods of struggle with being overweight , there are many : from the diet before surgery.

Major modern methods of weight loss :

- Nutritional practices ;

- Exercise ;

Additional methods of weight loss :

- Medicinal methods and dietary supplements ( nutraceuticals );

- Physiotherapy techniques and spa treatments ;

- Psychological methods ;

- Nutritional and herbal blends ;

- Surgical methods ;

- Homeopathy ;

- Acupuncture ;

- Yoga , Ayurveda, macrobiotics and other practices;

- Cosmetics ;

- Products are widely advertised for weight loss.