Jumping for weight loss : a set of exercises

Here exercises help to lose weight
Perform these exercises one after the other without pause . Relax at the end of the cycle for 1-2 minutes , repeat the cycle 1-2 times .

Exercise 1 . Squat jump

From direct squat rack parallel to the hips to the floor , a good push off the floor and feet , straightening his hips upward jump out . Land on your feet , knees prisognutye monitor slightly , but do not bend the hip. Now repeat the exercise with hip flexion . Perform 20 squats , jumping.

Exercise 2 . Jumping on two legs

Straighten easily jump on two feet, tearing off a low socks on the floor , keep your knees slightly bent and hands - on your belt . Work for 1 minute

Exercise 3 . Jumping in a pose Trims

Take the emphasis on straight arms , hands under shoulders, toes -ups, legs straight, press retracted. Jump , the maximum spreading legs to the side, jump " reset " feet to the center, to the starting position . 20 hops " apart- together."

Exercise 4 . Jumping on one leg

Stand up straight , do 20 jumping on the right , and 20 jumps on the left leg .

Exercise 5 . Jumping releasing feet

Jump to the right leg up while bending the left knee , and the resulting knee to the stomach. Return to the starting position - both feet on the floor. Perform 20 jumps each leg.

Exercise 6 . Jumping in Planck "scissors"

Please stop in pose Trims on straight arms , push off the right foot off the floor, jump bring knee to the chest , then jump switch legs . Try not to pull his hands away from the floor and do not round your back.

Exercise 7 . " Shaking "

Straighten up , start to make small strokes heels on the floor , causing the vibration throughout the body. Relax all the muscles of the body , and perform shaking for 1 minute . You can additionally perform shaking hands to relax your muscles stronger.

Completing all repetitions and loops , pull the large muscles of the legs and back , fall on the floor and quietly relax for 2-5 minutes. Complete this set of exercises diet low in salt , sugar and saturated fat, and you will achieve results much faster. Good luck!