Blackcurrant leaves tea,uses,Health benefits

Black currants with diluted XI century princely and monastery gardens . Leaves and berries of this plant are used for different purposes , since they have many nutrients. For example, black currant leaves are rich in volatile production , as well as tannins and essential oils. In addition, black currant leaves - a storehouse of vitamin C. In this connection I would like to talk about the case of blackcurrant leaves .

How to make tea from the leaves of currants ?

To make this tea , you will need a tablespoon of leaves or shoots of blackcurrant .
 Leaves need to finely chop and pour over boiling water . This field to add a pint of boiling water and let stand for 15-20 minutes. For the preparation of this drink can be used as fresh leaves and dried in advance, it should be borne in mind that the dry leaves are inferior in flavor and nutrients content .

We list some useful properties of " black currant tea "

This tea helps to cope with the great thirst. Tea from the leaves of black currant improves metabolism, beneficial effects on the liver and kidneys. This drink boosts immunity during an epidemic of colds and flu.

Tea leaves blackcurrant affects blood vessels, strengthening them. This tea is good at heat as lowers the body temperature. Currant useful to those people who are experiencing blurred vision and heart function.

Due to the content in the leaves of black currant vitamin C2 called antipnevmoniynym factor drink from these leaves improves lung function . Blackcurrant leaves have a dehydrating effect, so make it easier for diseases such as gout .

Tea leaves blackcurrant increases appetite and is used as a prophylactic agent for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Blackcurrant leaves possess disinfecting action , therefore can be used in beverage inflammation in the oral cavity. Tea helps with hoarseness and throat diseases in general .

Decoction of the leaves of black currant displays the body of excess uric acid and purine .

However, people with high acidity in the body should refrain from drinking this tea , especially in large quantities .

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