Black Tea 9 Useful Properties

Black Tea we drink every day and not even aware of its impact on our body.

1) Black tea is rich in antioxidants , which fight with active radicals.

2) Stimulates our digestive system .
The tannins in black tea have a powerful therapeutic effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

3) Improves brain activity . The caffeine in black tea is a powerful stimulant that improves attention , concentration and memory power .

4) increases the energy level and stimulates metabolism.

5) Strengthens the immune system .

6) Black tea strengthens bones .

7) prevents the development of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

8 ) Rich in active ingredients that fight viruses , dysentery and hepatitis.

9 ) Tea reduces the inflammation of the skin and treats acne .

Exercises for shapely legs


To get shapely legs Follow these exercises, repeat this set of exercises you can get great results.

1. Plie Work thighs , buttocks

SP : put your feet wide , toes out Unwrap .
Slowly satisfiability plie ( squat ) to parallel with the floor at the same time raising his arms in front of him .
Repeat 16 times .

2 . Slope diverting legs and buttocks muscles work hamstring

SP : put your feet hip-width apart , back straight , stomach tucked.
Leaned forward , elbows straight leg back and try to touch the floor with your hands .
On each leg 3 sets of 16 times .

3 . Squatting diverting legs work glutes , front thighs

SP : as in the previous exercise .
On two accounts raise your straight leg to the side, the following two accounts puts her cross back and perform squats .
On each leg 16 repeats .

4 . Running in the strip are working leg muscles

SP : Arise in the horizontal bar .
Tighten your right knee to your chest , then pull the leg back . Do not bend at the waist !
3 sets of 16 times , then switch sides .

5 . Lunge forward Operate front thighs

SP Arise straight , hands put on the belt .
Lunge forward with your feet hip-width apart , knee over the foot , the knee angle of 90 °, the body weight centered. Come back to SP . Repeat with the other leg.
3 sets of 16 times

The bathing complex for weight loss.

Bathing helps to lose weight here 2 recipe I make these baths 2 times a week alternating between them.

Recipe: 1

Whisk together half a cup of shower gel, 1 egg and 1 teaspoon vanilla. The resulting foam should be slowly pour under running water in the bath. You can take a bath for half an hour

Recipe: 2

Take 2 baths with sea salt. "How?" on a box with salt has a way of application.

Bath should be taken regularly. After the adoption of such a bath make sure to wrap. Then rinse it under a cold shower.

Jumping for weight loss : a set of exercises

Here exercises help to lose weight
Perform these exercises one after the other without pause . Relax at the end of the cycle for 1-2 minutes , repeat the cycle 1-2 times .

Exercise 1 . Squat jump

From direct squat rack parallel to the hips to the floor , a good push off the floor and feet , straightening his hips upward jump out . Land on your feet , knees prisognutye monitor slightly , but do not bend the hip. Now repeat the exercise with hip flexion . Perform 20 squats , jumping.

Exercise 2 . Jumping on two legs

Straighten easily jump on two feet, tearing off a low socks on the floor , keep your knees slightly bent and hands - on your belt . Work for 1 minute

Exercise 3 . Jumping in a pose Trims

Take the emphasis on straight arms , hands under shoulders, toes -ups, legs straight, press retracted. Jump , the maximum spreading legs to the side, jump " reset " feet to the center, to the starting position . 20 hops " apart- together."

Exercise 4 . Jumping on one leg

Stand up straight , do 20 jumping on the right , and 20 jumps on the left leg .

Exercise 5 . Jumping releasing feet

Jump to the right leg up while bending the left knee , and the resulting knee to the stomach. Return to the starting position - both feet on the floor. Perform 20 jumps each leg.

Exercise 6 . Jumping in Planck "scissors"

Please stop in pose Trims on straight arms , push off the right foot off the floor, jump bring knee to the chest , then jump switch legs . Try not to pull his hands away from the floor and do not round your back.

Exercise 7 . " Shaking "

Straighten up , start to make small strokes heels on the floor , causing the vibration throughout the body. Relax all the muscles of the body , and perform shaking for 1 minute . You can additionally perform shaking hands to relax your muscles stronger.

Completing all repetitions and loops , pull the large muscles of the legs and back , fall on the floor and quietly relax for 2-5 minutes. Complete this set of exercises diet low in salt , sugar and saturated fat, and you will achieve results much faster. Good luck!

How do fitness in the critical days

In addressing the question : to go or not to go to fitness during the critical days , you need to focus on their health . Read about how carefully you need to treat yourself during this period.

In any case it is not necessary to exhaust your body long workouts at the same time , not to deal with severe pain and malaise will not too intense exercise. It is important to find a compromise on this issue .

Important! Necessary to postpone classes if they banned gynecologist .

Terms of fitness during the critical days:

Better to avoid training and in severe pain , profuse discharge enough , with vertigo .

When fitness activities during the critical days of the need to minimize the burden on the stomach , as otherwise , it may cause the development of endometriosis.

If the gym there are no contraindications , regular classes will help shorten the life of critical days , significantly improve health and mood during this period.

Most importantly, to adjust employment by less active forms of fitness, and in accordance with them, build a personal training schedule , taking into account all the features of the female body.

If you do at the gym , in this period , the load must be reduced by a third, to conduct classes at a moderate pace .

To avoid overheating , you need to choose the clothes easier than on other days , as during this period stronger sweating occurs . Also , room for classes should be well ventilated.

During the critical days are the most appropriate Pilates and yoga classes , as they do not require constant heavy traffic.

By the way , to cope with painful sensations help running and stretching, which are fairly well tolerated by the body.

Warm mushroom salad with tomatoes

This is a really tasty warm mushroom salad. I got the recipe from the food doctor diet book
100 g 45.57 kcal B / F / V 2.3/2.9/4.46
red onions - 1 .

Garlic - 1 clove

green onions - 1 bunch

mushrooms - 400 g

cherry tomatoes - 100 g

tomatoes - 100 g

olive oil - 2 tbsp

chopped parsley - 2 tbsp

salt and pepper - to taste

Method of preparation of warm mushroom salad with tomatoes

Cut the onion into half rings . Finely chop the garlic . Mushrooms cut into 4 pieces . Minced green onion . Tomatoes cut into 8 pieces , cherry tomatoes cut is not necessary.

Preheat a deep skillet olive oil and sauté the onion until transparent . At the end of roasting add garlic . Then put in a pan and fry the mushrooms for 3-5 minutes to mix the tomatoes , green onions and leave to heat for another 3 minutes.

Salad pepper , salt and season with lemon juice and zest . Serve warm, sprinkled with chopped parsley .
Bon appetit!

Diet breakfast : 30 options for lose weight

Hearty but light diet breakfast - a pledge of energy and good mood for the whole day! It will allow you to survive until lunch or dinner without breaking into harmful snacks . Offer 30 options for every day - you 'll no longer be at a loss for what to cook for breakfast!1. Two slices of wholemeal bread with two slices of mozzarella , tomatoes and fresh parsley or basil.2 . Oatmeal with berries .

3 . Oatmeal with honey and nuts .

4 . Oatmeal with banana or other fruit .

5 . Omelette with zucchini, tomatoes and / or peppers .

6. Omelette with mushrooms .

7. Omelet with tofu.

8. Toast of wholemeal bread with a couple of teaspoons of peanut butter .

9. Two small pieces of baguette with omelette , thin slices of mozzarella or ricotta cheese , cherry tomatoes and fresh parsley .

10 . Whole wheat toast with two hard-boiled eggs + half a grapefruit .

11. Cottage cheese with honey .

12. Cottage cheese with berries / fruit.

13. Dietary cheesecakes 
.14. Dietary curd casserole .

15. Dietary kefir pancakes with berry sauce .

16. Smoothies for weight loss : a cup of yogurt / nonfat yogurt drinking 100 grams of cheese + + + half a banana 10 grams of sugar (optional) .

17. Any other berry / fruit / milk smoothies .

18. 30 grams of natural breakfast cereal ( no sugar, additives , etc.) + milk .

19. Natural yoghurt + cereal + berries / fruit .

20. Fitness cereal bar + a glass of milk .

21. Small roll of pita cooked breast of poultry and vegetables. Filling - natural yoghurt .

22. Small roll with scrambled eggs .

23. Sandwich of whole-wheat bread with turkey and tomato.

24. Buckwheat + a glass of buttermilk .

25. Handful of nuts and / or dried fruit on the way to work.

26. Coffee + dark chocolate for those who can not start the day with a sweet .

27. Two banana pancakes with honey.

28. Carrot muffin with raisins + drink .

29. Scrambled eggs with salmon.

30. Omelet with spinach .

Tips for effective workouts

Exercises are very useful advised by doctors, we chose you a tips for effective exercises

 1. prioritize

Start with the most basic training exercises , because later on they may simply not enough forces .

2 . Train your legs

Leg exercises help burn more calories and fat.

3 . drink water

This is very important because dehydration still nothing helped .

4 . take longer

The body begins to burn fat in just 30 minutes after the workout. And the longer you do, the more it burns fat . Try to exercise at least an hour .

5 . Eat more

Eat 5 times a day in small portions to speed up metabolism and not better.

6. introduce diversity

Do not train every day the same part of the body , because muscles need time to recover. Sign for classes by day, eg: legs - Monday, spin - on Tuesday, and his chest - on Wednesday .

7. Change their workout

Body quickly adapts to the same exercises , so try to try new techniques and movements .

factors that lead to face acne

Why do I have acne, and how to influence these factors in order to eliminate this problem forever?

Acne on the face precedes pore blockage , and here are some of the factors that contribute to this :

1. Dead skin cells .Leather is periodically updated , replacing dead cells with new , and therefore it is important to cleanse the skin , removing the layer of dead cells.

2 . Hyperactive sebaceous glands .Androgens , such as testosterone contributes to increased formation of sebum by the sebaceous glands , and also causes increased production of skin cells.

3 . Bacterium Propionibacterium acnes.

4 . Inflammation .Having blocked pores plus attaching bacteria Propionibacterium acnes leads to the appearance of inflammation.

Prevention of skin cancer by the right food choices

Every year the percentage of patients with skin cancer is increasing. This is due to many causal factors , one of which is an unhealthy diet. This topic should be treated seriously, especially those who have a family history of cancer were .
Here are some tips about the right food choices aimed to prevent cancer !

1. Upoteblyayte less fatty foods ( fatty meats and fried foods ) . These products are directly linked to high risk of developing skin cancer because they contain a large amount of carcinogens ( substances that contribute to the formation of cancerous cells).

2 . Reduce your intake of dairy products. Scientists have shown that frequent consumption of cheese, milk and yogurt increases the likelihood of developing skin cancer three times in people who had suffered the disease .

3 . Add to your diet green salad. People who Drinking green leaf lettuce reduce the risk of cancer by 50%.

4 . Eat more salmon . Proved that regular consumption of red fish reduces the spread of precancerous tumors by 28%.

5 . Be sure to include in your diet fish oil. It helps strengthen the immune system and the body's ability to fight cancer.

6.Upotreblyayte more red and orange fruits and vegetables.7. For the prevention of recurrent disease , increase the amount of green tea and dark chocolate .

8. Visit a dermatologist once a year to identify suspicious of education at an early stage before they turn into skin cancer.

5 types of tea and their useful properties

Tea - a drink that every day many of us use . Common for all types of tea is the content of antioxidants that fight free radicals . They accumulate in large quantities, they suppress the immune system which leads to the development of chronic diseases and aging of the organism . There are numerous varieties of tea , and each of them has its useful properties.

black tea

Due to the content in the structure of caffeine , black tea is super invigorating drink. Moreover, caffeine tea invigorates much longer than coffee. Regular consumption of tea helps to recover faster after undergoing a stressful situation . This is due to the reduction of stress hormones in the body - cortisol. Famous brand of black tea " Pu Er ", " Darjeeling ", " China Black Tea ", " Silo Orange Pekoe ," " Lemon Sented Tee ."

green tea

Green tea is known for its calming effect . It helps to lose weight and improve memory . Green tea - an indispensable tool for people suffering from diabetes and all wishing to lose weight . The most well-known property of green tea - reduced risk of cancer. Especially useful for smokers - with regular use beverage risk of lung cancer is reduced by 13 times. Moreover, it prevents premature aging of the skin. You can not drink more than five cups a day. The most delicious and well-known species are the "Green Sencha ", " Gunpowder Green ", " Jasmine lychee ", " Green Peony ".

white tea

Another name - " the elixir of immortality ." White tea increases blood clotting and helps heal wounds . White tea is rich in vitamins , has anti-viral properties, protects against bacteria , prevents the appearance of tumors . White tea should not be brewed with hot water , otherwise all its useful properties lose their healing effect . There are several varieties of white tea : white peony , green snow, Silver Needle and others. The most famous and luxury brand - a " show and cha " and " Bai mu tribute."

red tea

High quality oolong tea is produced only in China or Taiwan . Oolong tea is recognized as the best among the other teas that enhance immunity. Back in the eighties of last century, it was shown that oolong tea increases the content of vitamins P, C, E in the body, promotes longevity . Is an excellent diuretic. Popular brands: " Assam ", " Dian hong ", " Hsiung Feng xing cha ", " hong cha And Blues ."

turquoise Tea

This kind of tea is not as widespread in Russia . This is something between black and green tea. Turquoise Tea normalizes metabolism, burns fat , promotes weight loss , improves skin condition , activate oxygen metabolism , improves muscle tone, has toning and refreshing properties .The most well-known brands , " A Li Shan Oolong ", " Ren Shen Oolong ", " Da Hong Pao ", " Those Yin ."

6 facts about delicious foods

Here are some facts you may not have known about the delicious foods

1). Scientists have proved that our mental attitude is 30% dependent on what we eat. Products help the body to produce hormones responsible for emotional and health. Synthesis " hormone of joy " ( serotonin ) and " hormone schactya " ( endorphins ) , depends on the food contained in vitamins and minerals.

2). When a person is happy or in love , the body naturally produces a substance phenylethylamine . Sensation of love will help bring chocolate and cocoa, which contain the substance , and therefore rightfully occupy a leading position in the list of products , uplifting .

3). Magnesium - the famous " antistressor ." Replenish magnesium in the body can by eating nuts (especially peanuts , cashews and almonds) and oats .

4). Thiamine (B1) retains a clear memory and zaschitschaet from mental fatigue . This "vitamin pep " comes into contact with soy , legumes and cereals , as well as pork and veal.

5). Excellent prophylactic antidepressant properties has selenium. He also received the name "vitamin longevity ." It is contained in the zucchini, squash , seaweed .

6). Strawberries and raspberries can be called " natural Viagra ." Zinc contained in the seeds of these berries, stimulates the production of testosterone, which in turn enhances sexual desire.

What to eat? Best Low Calorie Recipes

Many of us are accustomed to thinking of a quick bite not seriously. However, even the most "harmless" sweets, sandwiches or fruit necessarily have the energy value and to give the body except for micronutrients , vitamins and more calories.Here are a few options for low-calorie snacks , everyone - no more than 100 calories .

Curd, 100 kcalEven small portions of low-fat cottage cheese contains about 14 grams of protein , which gives a feeling of satiety for a long time .Saturated Fat : 0.7 gCholesterol: 5 mg

Yogurt with muesli, 88 kcalSour- milk products are sources of protein and calcium. Muesli helps digestion , nourishes and gives the body vitamins and minerals . Such an option is a low-calorie snack and still helps stabilize the intestinal microflora.Saturated Fat : 0.5 gCholesterol: 0 mg

Popcorn , 100 kcalExploding microwaved corn - very affordable and almost harmless variant quick snack . To prepare to spend a few minutes , and the volume and low calorie impress : a big plate of popcorn carries only 100 kcal .Saturated Fat : 0.5 gCholesterol: 0 mgCarbohydrate : 24g

Almonds : 14 nuts, 98 kcalNuts are great as a quick snack. One of the best options is considered almonds. There are many vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids. In this very high-calorie nuts , so they should not get involved . Perfect snack at one time - 12-15 almonds .Saturated Fat : 0.63 gCholesterol: 0 mg

Pete with soft cheese , 100 kcalChoose how to finer cake or small pita . Add soft cheese (such as cheddar , Gouda or Edam ) - a modest slice . Season to taste with coriander or basil and bake in the oven quickly . This option is useful and snacks , and tasty at the same time .Saturated Fat : 1.3 gCholesterol: 6mgCarbohydrate : 80g

Baked apple , 95 kcalIt is believed that to preserve the youth, energy and positive mood necessary to eat at least one apple . Excellent option dessert - baked apple . Cooking is very simple - in a microwave or conventional oven steamer . To add spice cinnamon.Saturated Fat : 0 gCholesterol: 0 mg

Frozen mango pieces or natural sherbet , 90 kcalMango sweet exotic fruit contains beta -carotene and fiber , so necessary for good digestion and timely ridding the body of toxins . One small piece of mango gives no more than 90 kcal , while the body receives more than half of the daily dose of vitamin C !Saturated Fat : 0 gCholesterol: 0 mg

Carrots and hummus, 100 kcalThe middle three or seven or eight small fresh carrots combined with two tablespoons of cereal chickpeas - hummus - the original taste , feeling of fullness , unconditional and use a minimum of calories . The body gets the vitamins (beta-carotene , vitamins E and C) of carrots and protein of hummus .Saturated Fat : 0.4 gCholesterol: 0 mg

effectiveness of anti-cellulite gel

It is believed that the effectiveness of anti-cellulite gel can improve wrap with plastic wrap. Is it really so ?

In order to achieve the most effective action anti-cellulite gel , you must adhere to the following rules.

1. Anti-cellulite gel is used in complex therapy including sports, special diets and massage.

2 . The gel should be used daily for several weeks.

3 . When applying anti-cellulite gel on the skin should be gently massage the problem areas and rub the gel until completely absorbed. This allows to increase blood flow in the skin and to increase the effectiveness of cosmetic products .

4 . When applying anti-cellulite gel is NOT recommended to use the film as it can lead to undesirable effects - in particular, can contribute to the development of dermatitis , especially in people who are prone to allergic reactions. Anti-cellulite products for wrapping - it means a lower concentration of active substances to enhance the action which needs the greenhouse effect.

Can I use anti-cellulite gel before visiting the gym , after a visit to the solarium , beach ?

Exercise and exposure to UV light increases blood flow to the skin, and therefore increase the effectiveness of anti-cellulite gel (subject to conditions : apply the gel to the gym , but after tanning or beach ) . However, be prepared for the fact that in all these cases, the gel may cause mild burning sensation that is associated with increased microcirculation and indicates a more intensive anti-cellulite active ingredients.

Can I use anti-cellulite gel with varicose veins ?

Estheticians usually do not recommend the use of anti-cellulite products in violation of the venous circulation , because any anti-cellulite treatment involves massage and more problem areas. However, anti-cellulite gel composed have ingredients that have a beneficial effect on blood circulation , training vessels. Furthermore , it depends on the location and stage of varices , and also on the presence of concomitant diseases. Therefore, before using anti-cellulite gel with varicose veins need to consult a specialist phlebologist .

Can I use anti-cellulite gel during pregnancy and lactation ?

During pregnancy, women are particularly at risk of allergic reactions. Despite the fact that all funds Be Loved line are hypoallergenic , this does not exclude the occurrence of the so-called hypersensitive to the components means in one way or another woman. In addition , anti-cellulite gel - a tool designed to effectively deal with the serious problem of cellulite , and so it contains a large number of potent components that increase the risk of allergies. Therefore, we would advise during pregnancy to refrain from the use of potent agents , including anti-cellulite gel.

Royal Jelly - the elixir of health and longevity .

Let us know why  Royal Jelly - the elixir of health and longevity and who is responsible for production
Do nurses have bees royal jelly, bee glands secrete it . This milk they feed their babies , bee larvae and of course the Queen - bee uterus. And no wonder , because this food contains a lot of useful and human amino acids, proteins , carbohydrates, minerals . Than with pleasure and enjoyed by people for five centuries , taking royal jelly when restoring power after heavy physical exertion on the body, and recovery after an illness of varying severity . Also recommended royal jelly kids waiting child and nursing mums , because it is a powerful bio-stimulator ! Royal jelly and improves sleep and memory , stabilizes blood pressure and improves appetite.Finally , royal jelly retards aging.Instructions for use .In the morning, rinse your mouth with cold boiled water , then remove the syringe from the refrigerator with royal jelly and counted the necessary division , gently squeeze the product portion . Then put the jelly under the tongue , after raising it to the sky. Milk will resolve in 5 minutes.After 15 minutes , it is desirable to start breakfast . Toothpastes destroy royal jelly , so brush your teeth in the process of receiving royal jelly , you need after breakfast.Course admission .

For total body strengthening and lifting immunity :

10 days of receipt and 10 days off , 20 days and receive 2 months break. For the year are advised to take 3 courses royal jelly with mandatory breaks. Because clinical observations have shown increasing effectiveness of royal jelly when taken with the specified intervals.

Norms single dose of royal jelly :

Children under 8 years - not more than 0.05 grams ( 50mg. );Adolescents up to 16 years - not more than 0.1 grams ( 100 mg );Adults - not more than 0.3 grams ( 300 mg ) .Adults are also advised to start taking 100mg of royal jelly with , then you can increase the dose and up to 300 mg . royal jelly .Important!For long-term storage of milk to put in the freezer , and when taken daily move in refrigeration .A combination of courses receiving royal jelly, bee pollen with drug , pollen , propolis and honey itself , will give amazing results !Very important!


Idiosyncrasy ( allergic to royal jelly ) , acute infectious disease , exacerbation of chronic diseases and Addison's disease .

12 healthy snacks that will provide you with energy .

 know these healthy snacks that work to supply the body with energy

1. Apples . They contain many vitamins and minerals , they are also a rich source of flavonoids and polyphenols , which are potent antioxidants. Try to eat them every morning and add to fruit smoothies .

2 . Bananas . One of the best sources of potassium , which helps maintain normal blood pressure and heart activity of the organism .

3 . Red pepper . It's filled with antioxidant vitamins A and C , which are necessary for the beauty of your skin. If you want a hearty crunch , red pepper is perfect . Try dipping it in the sauce during your lunch snack.

4 . Pure dark chocolate. If you have a sweet tooth , natural dark chocolate definitely satisfy this craving , and he's better than dessert snacks that contain refined starch , which destroys vitamins needed for energy. However, since chocolate composition includes sugar, its consumption should be restricted to approximately 57 grams per day .

5 . Pumpkin seeds . These seeds just a storehouse of minerals such as magnesium, iron and calcium, vitamin K and protein. Be sure pumpkin seeds satisfy your desire to eat when you will need to improve their performance.

6. Carrots. Carrots contain a lot of fiber , so it will be a great way to suppress crispy acute hunger , not forgetting about proper nutrition .

7. Vegetable soup . This required amount of vegetables, and your body can easily absorb the nutrients made ​​available without expending energy on their splitting .

8. Oatmeal . Try eating oatmeal in the morning , and after 25 minutes you can eat some fruit . Sprinkle cinnamon porridge for even greater benefits and flavor.

9. Green salad. Green vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals that are digested fairly quickly , so you feel like energizing .

10 . Pineapple. Pineapple is easily digested and contains the enzyme bromelain, which helps digestion and cleaning properties . Again, do not forget to have a pineapple on an empty stomach and do not combine it with other products .

11. Herbal tea. You can drink herbal tea, if you do not want to eat at night , in the morning or in the middle of the day . Just be sure that there is no caffeine.

12. Dried figs . Dried figs surprisingly good blood purifier . Make sure that your chosen manufacturer does not add to it sugar and other additives. Figs contains quite a lot of sugar , so you should limit the size of the portions more stuff.

fruit salad with cereals

If you need a healthy breakfast does not affect the diet he fruit salad with grain.


Cereal - 4 tbspBananas - 1 pc.Mandarins - 2 pcs.Honey - 2 tbspCream 10% - 4 tbspNuts - to taste.Berries (any ) - to taste.Kiwi - 2 pcs.

method of preparation

1 Cereal in a bowl , pour boiling water and leave for 15 minutes. Then drain the water.

 2 Tangerine peel and films , divided into slices.

 3 Banana peel and cut into circles about 1 cm thick Kiwi peel and dice . 

4 Prepared fruit put in a bowl with cereal swollen .

 5 Salad fill honey, pour the cream and garnish with chopped nuts , add your favorite berries.

cheese diet for weight loss

Want to lose weight but can not stand the starvation diet . Try cottage cheese diet - you can lose weight easily , and most importantly - without the feeling of hunger.

The essence of cottage cheese diet: low-fat cottage cheese and diet yogurt - foods that promote rapid fat burning and block its set .

During the diet felt satiety . Cottage cheese diet is one of the most benign and beneficial for the body. In fact, besides losing weight on this diet can be good to clean the body of toxins .

Sit on the curd diet can be no more than 10 days. Ideal - 5-7 days for which you can lose weight 3-5 kg.

It is important not to violate the rules of the diet, not to indulge in sweets, cakes and other illicit substances, otherwise the result will be zero diet .

Choose your version of cottage cheese diet

First embodiment

On the day you should eat 400 grams of low fat cottage cheese and drink no more than 1.5 liters of low-fat yogurt . Divide food into 4-5 equal reception and eat throughout the day.Before going to bed drink a glass of buttermilk . Also allowed to drink pure water or herbal tea without sugar.

second Embodiment

5 times a day to eat 60 grams of low fat cottage cheese and drink 1 cup of skim milk .

third Embodiment

On the day of 500 g of cottage cheese , you can add 2 small fruit ( except bananas ) , drink green or herbal tea and water.

The fourth option

On the day of 500 g low-fat cottage cheese and 2 cups of yogurt, to which you can add a handful of bran .