Calcium Sources for Dairy Allergies

Calcium Sources for Dairy Allergies
Do you have an aversion towards dairy? If yes, there are many alternates that can provide sufficient calcium to stay healthy. Some people have lactose intolerance or milk allergy and others simply don’t like the taste of yogurt or milk. They can include these foods in regular diet to enjoy benefits of bone-building fat-burning calcium-an essential mineral for functioning of human body.There are high levels of this important mineral in several nuts, plants and fortified sources.


This vegetable is an excellent source of calcium. One cup cooked rhubarb has 348 mg calcium, that makes it one of the richest plant sources of this vital mineral. Stalks of rhubarb plant are eaten which taste a bit sour, therefore, these are mixed with sweet fruits when added into cakes, breads, ice cream, pies or any other edible.

It is one of nature’s top plant sources of the mineral. (Women under age 50 and men under age 70 should aim for 1,000 milligrams of calcium daily; women 50 and older and men 70 and older need 1,200.)

Dried Figs
This rich, chewy fruit  is a must-included food in diet of all dairy-allergics. One serving of ten dried figs gives about 269 mg of calcium, which comprises 20 percent of daily recommended amount. So, have it as dessert or snack and feel the energy.


Beans are loaded with nourishing ingredients. These have anti-aging properties. Being a protein-rich food and providing fiber that lowers cholesterol, these are widely taken in salads. Beans also provide good amount of calcium. Take one cup of boiled white beans to have 161 mg of calcium.

Nuts and Seeds

Brazil nuts, sesame seeds, chestnuts, sunflower seeds, tahini, hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds are good sources of calcium. Add them into soups, salads, vegetable dishes and cereals to make a toothsome combination. 

Green Vegetables

You may not have any idea that some veggies provide calcium and the most promising fact is that this mineral taken from vegetables is absorbed better in the body than taken from dairy sources. Although,  levels are not as high as in dairy foods. To get an equal amount of calcium from milk, you must have 2 ¼ cups of broccoli, 1 ½ cups of kale or at least 8 cups of spinach, all in cooked form.


Tofu which is prepared with calcium sulfate contains 204 mg calcium in half cup of its serving.

Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits

Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits
Citrus fruits are packed with lots of nourishing ingredients, and are tasteful too. They provide essential nutrients required for proper functioning of body and mind. Given here is a brief information about health benefits of these juicy fruits.

Vitamins and minerals

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which is best known for being anti-oxidant.
It also helps get rid of several ailments, of which diabetes, common cold, hypertension and cardiovascular disease are the most widely affected. Prevention from scurvy and rapid wound healing is another benefit of including vitamin C-rich foods in diet. It helps get rid of free radicals in the skin. These free radicals can lead to a degenerative eye disease, cataract. Improvement in body immunity is also an important function of vitamin C.


Folate or vitamin B9 is present in rich amount in citrus fruits. Folate helps prevent cancer and anemia. It also produces serotonin, (nicknamed as ‘happy hormone’) which in turn elevates your mood and keeps you cheerful all the time
Vitamin D

Vitamin D, present in juicy fruits helps prevent rickets, cancer and several other ailments. Its another important function is that it aids the absorption of calcium in the body. That’s why experts recommend supplements of vitamin D or exposure to sunlight.


Many people think that calcium is just present in dairy. In fact, this essential mineral is found in high amount in many citrus fruits as well. It is important for bone strength and muscle growth, especially in early years of life, when body is in its growing phase and there is need for enough nourishment to take.
Other vitamins and minerals found in citrus fruits are iron, niacin, magnesium, thiamine, copper, selenium, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and vitamin E, which are highly important for general health and well-being. These have many health benefits and also prevent several types of cancer from occurring.

Weight loss

Juicy fruits have another great benefit for which they are loved by all dieters, health conscious lot and the overweight. These are highly effective to reduce weight in a healthy way. Being low in calorie and high in nourishment, these are a must-added food in any low-fat diet plan. Taking a cup of grapefruit on an empty stomach will help cut the extra fats rapidly. Squeeze a lemon on your baked chicken or get fresh orange juice in breakfast to enjoy many health benefits of citrus fruits.

Healthy skin

Citrus fruits are excellent for having a glowing, flawless and acne-free skin.

How to Gain Weight Fast

Being underweight is as serious problem as obesity because it leads to many other health complications as well. Dizziness, weakness, lethargic feelings, sleepiness, lack of energy, low blood sugar and many other signs come with being underweight. Besides, skinny figure does not look attractive at all. It is important have normal body weight according to your age and height.

Protein rich diet help in weight gaining

The ideal foods for gaining weight is to eat foods rich in protein. These make body mass and help build muscles. You can get rid of skinny appearance by eating meat, fish, poultry, whole milk, eggs, lentils, pulses and other sources.

Supplements can also work to gain weight

As an added measure, consult a dietitian and get protein supplement recommended. Liquid supplements work faster than pills and capsules because their absorption rate is relatively higher.  Ask about the best protein supplements available that work for you and then take them regularly for several weeks or months as prescribed

Essential fats for gaining weight

Try to include foods that provide sufficient fats to your body and make you energetic. Try to remain in the limited quantity because consuming saturated fats in excess amount can cause many diseases such as obesity, high cholesterol levels, heart disturbances and so on. Take cheese, whole-cream milk, yogurt and nuts regularly. Cream, oils , butter and margarine are some of the options that are  not only nutritious but also help increase body weight.

Exercise can increase body weight

Physical exercise is another important activity that can increase body weight and help get rid of skinny figure. Exercise can build body muscles and tone your body. Aerobics boost blood flow in the body and improve health. When you do several physical activities, your metabolism also increases and foods get absorbed in the blood better. Eating healthy foods 15 to 20 minutes after exercise is a smart way to build body mass.

Portion size and healthy and nutritious foods

Increase your dietary intake and double the portion size to get more calories and energy. Add only healthy and nutritious foods in your diet. Milk shakes, smoothies and bananas are also fattening foods. So, include them in your regular diet.

Ways to Lose Tummy Fat

Ways to Lose Tummy Fat
Losing weight needs patience, regularity in diet and exericse especially if you want to dump extra fats from tummy area. This is the most stubborn fat and is really hard to get rid of. After months of physical workout, there is little difference. Once the routine is broken, it becomes too hard to retain it.  Many people have tried out different diets advertised on TV, on the internet or elsewhere, but the dilemma is these are all fake and just money-making frauds.

Risks associated with belly fat

Excessive fat around tummy area, can put you at danger of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer, as a result of fat cells which produce hormones that are harmful for your body functioning.

Regular exercise

Experts advise those extremely obese to lose their belly fat by regular exercise that is based on calorie burning regime. Crunches are one of the best way to exert pressure on tummy area and reduce fat from that part. Twists are another effective way.
Restricted diet

No weight loss program can go ahead without modifying dietary habits. Eat only low-fat healthy foods such as citrus fruits like grapefruit, apple, guava, peach, berries and pineapple. Raw veggies are good sources of essential nutrients and provide a few calories only. Include whole grains, skimmed milk, lean meat, fresh juices and plenty of water in your daily diet. A healthy diet plan will ensure that you lose belly fat as well as get required nourishment.

Avoid slimming pills

These days, there’s a trend of taking diet pills, or supplements that claim to reduce weight in one week or a month with hundred percent results. The fact is, these are extremely harmful for health. Some of these cause dehydration, excessive weight loss, kidney failures and weakened immunity. Therefor, its better to adopt healthier ways for reducing tummy fat. The advertisers of such pills show their products to have instant and easy results but in fact this is all part of moneymaking frauds.


For extremely obese people, fat removal surgery is recommended, which is a risky way to remove unwanted fat deposits. Three of these are the most common:
1.     Stomach banding
2.     Gastric bypass
3.     Liposuction
In the first methods, there is partial banding in stomach to reduce its size, thus the obese eats little, that in turn helps reduce weight. In gastric bypass, food is sent directly to the intestine. In liposuction, unnecessary fat is taken out of body to make person slimmer.

Weight Loss Tips for Women in Their 30s

It is easy for those women to put extra weight if they are in their thirties. But now weight loss tips for women in their 30s can help them to shed extra calories. It is important for them to follow these tips and maintain a healthy life style once they have reached their 30s. Such women are required to keep their metabolism revved by taking three or four meals per day. They burn their fewer calories as compared to when they were in their twenties. It is natural that their metabolism process slows down in their 30s. Hormonal changes and having children is the main reason for that. Even if they are consuming the same number of calories, their weight can increase.

Weight Loss Tips for Women in Their 30s
Women should include vegetables, fruits, whole grains and protein enriched food in their diet. The protein will decrease their craving to eat sweets. One of the Weight loss tips for women in their 30s that their calories intake should not exceed than 1500 per day. They should avoid fat and carbohydrates. It is also advised to use spices and herbs instead of salt and fatty sauces. Women in their 30s can also consult their doctor regarding calories they need to maintain their ideal weight. They can reduce their calorie number after discussing it with their doctor.
Tensions and stress can increase the hormonal activity which can trigger the appetite and cravings for sugar and carbohydrates. This can also make it difficult for women to lose their weight. Weight loss tips for women in their 30s also include deep breathing, meditation and yoga so that they can reduce their stress level. Short and brisk thirty minutes walk can also help women in their 30s to get rid of extra weight. Exercise is also important for them to keep them in a desired shape. It can help in burning the extra calories and also increases the metabolism rate. Those who have a high percentage of body fat should go for strenuous exercises. It is important to go for exercise regularly for more than an hour. Aerobic exercises are also helpful for women to lose their weight. Cardiovascular exercises which include jogging and swimming also aid women in their 30s to lose their substantial amount of weight.
Muscle resistance training can also help women in their 30s to dramatically boost their fat burning hormones and fasten their metabolism process. Weight loss tips for women in their 30s advised women to cut their alcohol usage because it can also contribute to weight increase. Replace high fat food in refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables and carbonated drinks with healthy fruit juices. Women in their 30s should also try to prepare their food at home so they can control every ingredient.

Maintaining Ideal Body Weight

Maintaining Ideal Body Weight
Many women achieve their weight loss goals in a few months. They get successful in reducing extra fats from their body by rigorous exercise and a restricted diet. But, a major problem for them is to maintain that weight because they tend to get that rapidly once dieting is over and gym membership ends. They become satisfied and stop tracking weight gain any more.

All prohibited foods are now carelessly taken with no fear of becoming over-weight. This practice in turn leads them to put on more kilos of fats without realizing it at all. So, what’s the solution for that serious problem which can cause health disturbance, depression or frustration if not managed on time.

Regular workout

The most sensible way is to keep stuck to your exercise schedule even after weight is reduced. It will let you stay in shape without gaining extra pounds. Although, there’s now no need to have a strenuous workout plan, you still have to do regular aerobics, gym or yoga to maintain ideal weight. Go for swimming, cycling, jumping, running or any sports activity for keeping fats off the tummy, thighs and hips.
Low-fat diet

Reaching the desired weight loss goals does not mean that you can fill your plate with double cheese burger, French fries, chocolate mousse, pizza, fast foods and soda drinks. There’s still chances of gaining weight if too much fats are consumed daily. Keep meals light with fresh juicy fruits, raw vegetables, whole-grain cereals and lean meat. Skip those junk foods loaded with calories and providing little nourishment. These can soothe your taste buds but can be detrimental to health and also heavy on pocket.

Keep record

Another encouraging way to maintain ideal body weight is to regularly check your weight and dietary habits to make sure it’s in control. Sometimes, it keeps on increasing and you don’t pay attention at all. When it is assessed on regular basis, you will certainly stay focused and not let it go beyond normal level. Get your weighing machine at hand and keep notebook on table so that you can have it right away whenever needed.

Healthy lifestyle

Women who have healthy way of living can easily reduce and maintain their body weight. Morning walk is the best practice for removing body fats because it increases metabolism and helps lose calories fast. Keep yourself busy in several physical activities. Use stairs instead of elevator or an escalator. Eat well-balanced diet and take in moderate amount.

Best Weight Loss Diet Plan 2014

Most of weight loss diet plans are fad and unhealthy. These are devoid of vital nutrients are deteriorate health considerably. Some even cause more weight gain, weakness, dizziness, lack of energy and skinny figure. Both extremes are not desirable. To work any diet plan properly, it is important to choose a plan which does not force you to starve for hours. It should contain healthy foods from all groups and also essential fats. Say good-bye to fad diets and live healthy.
Low-calorie diet
So far, one of the most effective, healthy and safe weight loss diet plan is eating only foods that are low in calories. Fresh juicy fruits, raw vegetables, lean meat, low-fat dairy, skimmed milk, frozen yogurt, high-fiber cereals, grains and pulses fall into this category. Fats, nuts, junk foods, rich desserts, cream, candies, milk chocolates and other fattening foods are totally restricted. Low-calorie foods are nourishing and tasteful. You can safely consume them in good amount. No need to cut portion size.
Fat-free foods
Another highly effective way to reduce weight to eat only those foods that are free from saturated fats. Butter, oils, cream, desserts, shortening, margarine, fried snacks, and ice-creams are the most widely used fats in daily diet. These should be avoided as much as possible and replaced with fat free foods which are fresh fruits, raw vegetables, grains, lean cuts of meat and fish. Unprocessed organic foods are also excellent to include in such diet plan. It works great when combine with rigorous exercises.
Low-carb diet
Carbohydrates or carbs increase body weight and build mass. These work simply by reducing caloric intake and allow weight to decrease. Sugar, cereals and grains are not taken in this plan and only proteins, and essential fats are consumed.
Effective tips
To make any diet plan work fast and effective, it’s highly important to consult a dietitian, fitness expert or a physician. A diet plan followed by your friend for months and generating great results may not work well for you. Because each of you have different lifestyle, body build, energy needs and workout routine. Get a diet planned by an expert according to your specific requirements and condition. Food choices also impact a lot.
To make any diet plan successful and effective, it is necessary to do regular exercise. It can be yoga, aerobics, cardio or gym workout. Stay under constant supervision of your fitness instructor to track progress.

Are You Looking For Ideal Weight loss Plans?

Weight loss plans
The best weight loss plans is one that is healthy and effective. It is easier to follow and has no side-effect. There can be variations in plans according to a person’s overall health, lifestyle, dietary intake and medical history. Some experts may also consider hereditary factors and the particular region.
Various weight loss plans are devised by professionals. These are best adopted under supervision of dietician. A few of these are described here:
1. Detoxification diet
Among all weight loss plans, this is the most effective and complicated too. It can work wonders especially for extremely obese people. It is ideal for those with liver disease, parasitic infestation and other medical problems. It purifies body of toxic matters. It keeps fat from accumulating in the body. It also improves immune system and gastric system. Besides fat burning, it helps maintain general health. It purifies blood and improves skin condition as well. This weight loss plan is the most recommended one in the world.
In detox diet, overall food intake is reduced to smaller food portions. It includes fresh juices, green leafy vegetables, raw foods, smoothies and shakes. Commercially prepared foods can also be taken. These are protein powders, detoxification nutrients and vitamins.
There are some side-effects of detoxification diet plan reported especially by those who adopt it on their own without consultation of an expert dietician or a doctor. They may feel headache, nausea, gastric disturbance,weakness and sometimes increased appetite. Citrus fruits eaten frequently can cause sore throat in some sensitive people.Therefore, keep everything moderate. Instead of taking same foods every day, try to add a wide variety. Don’t drink water after eating juicy fruits. It may upset your stomach and cause pain. Food assimilation may also get disrupted in some cases.
2. High-fiber diet
It is also another highly beneficial and healthy weight loss plan. Perhaps, it is the most common in the world of dieters. In this plan only fruits, vegetables and whole-wheat cereals are consumed. All processed fiber-free stuff is avoided. Since, fiber is nature’s organic cleanser of the body; it helps you get rid of gastric problems. It improves digestive system and boosts metabolic rate. Because, there is vast variety of fiber-containing foods, you don’t need to stick to a few specific vegetables or cereals. Enjoy your meals without compromising over health.
3.Liquid diet
Liquid diet is also one of the most widely followed weight loss plans. It is not water therapy or taking only liquids. It actually means to drink food instead of eating in usual or normal manner. In such weight loss plans, solids are replaced with fluids. You can take soup, fruit juice, stew, broth, shake, smoothie, tea and milk.
Liquid foods are easily digested and absorbed in the blood. Therefore, these are ideal for those with gastric problems, such as indigestion.
4. Low-fat diet
This is also one of the most widely used weight loss plans. Only those edibles are consumed that are low in calories. Food portion, type and form are not a big matter. It can be taken raw or cooked. Citrus fruits, vegetables, cereals, juices, soup, steamed or boiled snacks and low-fat products are included. On the other hand, saturated fats, oil, butter, white rice, desserts, confectionery items and other high-calorie diet is totally restricted. Don’t forget to read nutritional information on commercial foods before eating them.
With advancement in the field of Foods and Nutrition, a large number of weight loss plans are devised. Choose only that plan which best suits your particular needs and specific health conditions.

Best Foods to Eat for a Healthy Heart

Your diet has a direct effect upon your heart and its functioning. You must consume foods that are good for its health and make it stronger. Some of these foods are:
Oily fish
Trout, sardine, salmon, herring and mackerel have omega 3 fats that are good for your heart. They lower triglyceride levels, prevent blood clotting and regulate heart beat. It is better to eat three servings of fish per week. Fish oil supplements or pills can be a good alternate.
It contains monounsaturated fats in high amount. They lower LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol. You can have them in salads, snacks and oatcakes.

Olive oil
Anti-oxidants in olive oil help lower cholesterol level. Try to find out the extra virgin olive oil because it comes with higher amount of anti-oxidants. Consume at least 2 tablespoon everyday. Use in cooking or pour in salad dressings.
Dark chocolate
Good news for chocoholics! Dark chocolate is good for keeping your heart healthy. According to a studies conducted in UK, people eating dark chocolate regularly have 37 % less risk of heart ailments. It is because cocoa in chocolate contains falvanols. They help lower blood pressure and also reduce damage caused by free radicals. Choose chocolate that has about 70 percent of cocoa and eat only one square a day.
People who eat blueberries often have 10 percent less chances of getting hypertension or high blood pressure. Blueberries have high content of antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium, fiber, folate and magnesium. Take them fresh as snack or add in your muffins. Pour into yogurt or mix up in smoothie to enjoy.
This iron-rich green leafy veggie is beneficial for your heart function too. It has folate which helps reduce homocysteine. High homocysteine levels can increase chances of stroke or heart attack. Add baby spinach in salads and enjoy its benefits.
People who regularly eat nuts have less chances of developing common heart diseases. Nuts have magnesium, vitamin E, phytosterols and fiber. They are all good for your heart. Munch a few grams of nuts often or layer nut butter on oatcakes in your breakfast.
A studies shows that consuming 3 grams of oats daily helps protect against cardiac diseases. It lowers LDL cholesterol. Oats are rich in beta-glucan. A soluble fiber. It binds with water and form a thick gel in digestive tract. This gel binds excess cholesterol and then flushes it out of the body.

Healthy Foods That Reduce Stress and Depression

Depression is the state of mind that occurs naturally due to anger or tension. There is no food present that actually combat depression. However, a healthy eating can help reduce depression in many ways. Whenever we eat food, which makes us happy, reduces tension therefore reducing depression. Blood is the main part of our body whose healthiness keeps us active and healthy. Pituitary gland in brain release hormones in blood that stimulate the sense of feeling in our body. It makes us feel angry, sad, happy or bored. If we take foods that make our brain strong, and blood healthy, it can combat depression.

Healthy Foods That Reduce Stress and Depression
In order to have healthy blood eat things containing iron. An apple a day keeps the doctor away and a glass of milk everyday keeps u away from hospital. Foods enriched in anti-oxidants are very helps control free radicals in the blood. Anti-oxidants enriched foods are those, which are source of beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E. Food that are source of beta-carotene are apricots, broccoli, cantaloupe, carrots, collards, peaches, pumpkin, spinach, sweet potato. Vitamin C containing foods are blueberries, broccoli, grapefruit, kiwi, oranges, peppers, potatoes, strawberries, tomato. Vitamin E is present in margarine, nuts and seeds, vegetable oils, wheat germ. Some fruits that also reduce depression are dates, papaya, banana, mango, pineapple and grapefruit.
What things depress us, which related to our body? Hair fall, unhealthy skin, weak eyesight etc. is the answer. If we take healthy diet, it can be cured therefore reducing depression. However environmental effects are also there, which increases depression but a healthy person have an efficient immune system to handle it.
Mood-effecting chemical present in our body is serotonin. It connects the carbohydrates and mood. If the carbohydrates level decreases in our body it may indicates low level of serotonin causing depression. Whole grain foods enriched in carbohydrates helps reduce depression. Food enriched in proteins also combat depression. Tyrosine is an amino acid (protein) that boosts dopamine and norepinephrine increasing body energy. Valuable source of proteins are beans, peas, lean beef, low-fat cheese, fish, milk, poultry, soy-products and yogurt. Do not take protein-carrying foods at night before sleep. It disturbs sleep and if you do not sleep well depression increases automatically.
Vitamin D is necessary for body to absorb all the nutrients essential for body. People who are deficient in vitamin D are unable to absorb all those nutrients. This makes them unhealthy which certainly leads to the depression. Sun is the major source of vitamin D.
In addition to good diet, prevent diet and avoid such things that trigger depression. Take a deep sleep. This helps generate and repair body cells. Reduce eating food that restricts sleep, for example a cup of coffee or tea at night, Diet containing proteins also hinders sleep because it takes time to digest. Eat protein-enriched food in noon or daytime.

How to Stay On a Raw Food Diet

Raw foods include vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. These have been popular among people since ancient times when cooking methods were not introduced. Today, raw food is a term associated with uncooked foods and those foods that are not heated above 116 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why take raw food

Those who love eating uncooked foods are confident about their health benefits. Many vital nutrients and enzymes are destroyed during cooking process, that adversely affect nourishment provided by that particular food. Sometimes, preparation methods and recipes also reduce nutritive value. These become unhealthy and toxic. Therefore, taking fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains, nuts and seeds is a sensible way to stay healthy. These are loaded with essential nutrients that are important for general health and well being.

How to stick to raw food diet

Many people find it difficult having only raw foods in diet because there’s temptation of delicious cooked meals all around. Given here are some important points to consider:

Proper information

Before having any raw food diet, it’s extremely important to learn what foods can be safely taken and which ones are not allowed. Search online, get some informative nutrition books and also consult those who are already on raw food diet. They can guide you.

Wise purchase

Buy the most appropriate raw foods to be successful on following such a diet.  You can’t include foods from all groups in case of raw food, that’s why get only those edibles that are included in this category. It’s strongly recommended to add protein-rich foods as well, because taking only fruits, vegetables and nuts may deprive you of proteins. There’s no meat and dairy, so you must include other protein sources to meet daily requirement. Almonds and green leafy vegetables are good sources of protein


Eating raw foods does not mean you should take them as they are bought from grocery store. These can be blended and combined in various ways using kitchen appliances like juicer, blender or dehydrator.

Add variety

Instead of eating raw foods, make some tasteful blends. You can have a large number of raw food recipes online. Surf the internet and pick your favorite recipes. Stuffed mushrooms, vegetable burger and several snacks made with vegetables or nuts are great additions to your daily diet. There are hundreds of vegetable salads recipes available on the internet. You can also make your own combinations according to your taste, preference, food availability and nutritional needs.