5 Best and Worst Foods for a Good Night’s Sleep

We all want to sleep the minute we lay down in our beds and put our heads on the pillows. Well too bad for some of us no matter how badly we want to go to sleep and how much sleepy we really are we are unable to actually sleep, thanks to insomnia.
Getting the right amount of sleep at the right time is very important when it comes to health concerns. There have been many researches which have concluded that for sleep there are the best and the worst foods for a good night’s sleep. There are many researches that have shown that there are some foods which help humans in sleeping while there are others which do not let a person go to sleep no matter.
Listed below are the best and the worst foods for a good night’s sleep:
Best foods for sleep
These are known as the natural foods which can control the clock of our sleep. They contain melatonin in them, a chemical which helps the humans in controlling their sleep. There have been many researches which have shown that drinking cherry juice before going to sleep can help in improving the sleep, the sleeping duration and the number of adults who are suffering from insomnia.
This food really helps in putting one to sleep. It contains in it the amino acid tryptophan and serotonin both which bring childhood memories to a child and also help both children and adults in going to sleep.

The Best Foods for a Good Night’s Sleep
Worst foods for sleep
3.Bacon Cheese Burger:
This is a food which can make your sleep go away. It is probably because of the fat content locked inside this food. This fat content is known to be a sleep killer for a person. You must avoid the intake of this food if you want to improve the quality of sleep as well as your health.
All types of alcohol are really bad for sleep. This is because alcohol metabolizes very quickly inside the system and later when you are sleeping it keeps waking you up so many times during the entire night.
This is widely known that coffee since it contains caffeine in it makes you active as it is a stimulant for the central nervous system. Therefore it is not good to drink coffee before going to sleep as it will keep you up all night.