How can I make my face thin?

If you do not like chubby cheeks and want face thin , then take note of these simple tips . To get rid of fat on the face , it is necessary to make changes in your lifestyle , go on a healthy diet and exercise regularly .

1. Avoid sweets .

Give up a hearty breakfast with pancakes in maple syrup and delicious donuts. Eat mostly foods high in fiber and protein , they accelerate the fat burning process in the body.

2 . Drink more water .

If you want to get rid of chubby cheeks , you should drink more water. If you ever wake up in the morning in the mirror and saw swollen eyes and cheeks - it means your body retains water .
Minimum of eight glasses of water a day and a balanced diet with a minimal amount of sugar and salt will help you cope with the swelling on his face.

3 . Cardio exercises .

Cardio exercises help you lose weight everywhere, including in the area of ​​the face . Running, cycling, aerobics, swimming and jumping rope - the best exercise for burning fat.

4 . Try the following exercises for the face.

In parallel with cardio exercise and a healthy diet , it is desirable to do some exercise . Smile and try to keep your mouth in this position for 10-15 seconds . Repeat the exercise , but now try to touch the tongue tip of the nose . Do this exercise in the morning and evening every day, and you will notice a change in a week .

5 . facial

Facial massage improves blood circulation and tones the skin . Gradually accumulated fat on the face will disappear under the pressure of your fingers.

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